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seeking venture capital

Internet will impact everything for us when LTE 4G wireless rolls out worldwide. Consumer electronics, automated industrial factories, business applications, coordinated health, and much more are all due to be impacted. This is just part of my vision for what is upon us over the next few years. However we decide to build the web services, platforms, and hardware of the future, I doubt we will be able to build them alone with no capital. What I am seeking capital for is a team of people to help build, manage, and/or sell several internet technologies which are intended to change the game. Technologies are summarized via icons on the left.

Fund this internet machine building company.

seeking venture capital internet developer
seeking venture capital for internet developmentseeking venture capital for mortgage loan and credit internet technologyseeking venture capital for hd audio internet technologyseeking venture capital for custom ecommerce internet technologiesseeking venture capital for internet cross standard internet technologyseeking venture capital for internet video and music productionsseeking venture capital for social media cohesion internet technologyseeking venture capital for internet information security technologyseeking venture capital for search engine engineered internet developmentseeking venture capital for web 3.0 internet solutions

seeking venture capital

May 7th, 2009 The official business plan is becoming an internet master plan. These technologies I keep discussing are automated clear path to exit profitable capital efficient category killing internet machines. I am putting a prototype together for one of them right now. Even at 14 hour work days, leaving two hours each night for a business plan and provisional patent are not enough time. I could use your help. Please contact me at if you are an angel investor, venture capitalist, business plan writer, or patent attorney.

During this journey I have gathered a great deal of venture capital and angel investing resources. The next time I post here, I will have them conveniently placed into a table or small PDF. (I'll have something better to share soon later.)

April 12th, 2009 An official business plan is currently being put together for the internet technology startup summarized below. Thank you for reading and check back in the future as this site will one day become a resource for anyone seeking venture capital.
Time is the most valuable commodity. The following is exactly what I am seeking venture capital for and who I am. I am an internet application architect seeking venture capital for developing internet technologies that do not already exist and none of my concepts, algorithms, and schematics for the internet innovations I have to offer resemble anything close to what is already available. As digital television becomes prevalent June 12th, 2009, so will the mobile internet revolution along with affordable broadband access nationwide, and everything I am seeking venture capital for took this into account as far back as three years ago. Furthermore, I am guaranteeing traffic and a steady increasing user base after the first three months into development for each of the internet technologies below.
Together we can help change the world using the internet.

After the following innovations have been developed and tested we will need a seasoned CEO (I need a team and advisors.) to take the results from our technological success into a successful business model. Only a small marketing budget would be needed to promote these technologies as my designs and engineering for the following also function as marketing tools themselves.

I am seeking venture capital for hardware, software, bandwidth, space, and most of all, to put together a team that will help me produce the following (and more) cost effective, highly profitable, and easily marketed internet visions a reality.

seeking venture capital for internet developmentseeking venture capital for:
an internet development vision

"Internet Development, when approached cohesively as an integrated art and science, can yield cost efficient cutting edge technological solutions for every industry."
Location: Anywhere close in proximity to a tier one datacenter. Ideal environment would be that of a dorm/campus setting, but any open area that is secure where we could construct a unified environment would be appropriate.
Team: Start with a small nucleus of specialized team members (between 8 and 12) to carry out the task of creating several unprecedented internet technologies. Each team member must commit to 10 to 12 hour workdays, 5 to 6 days per week, for a minimum of six months to one year. And during that I will commit to as close to 14 hour a day, seven days a week, as humanly possible to aid capital efficiency. After we complete and test each internet technology, appointed management and board advisors could help determine the direction of the company's establishment and growth within a successful traditional business model.
Cost: Exact figure - TBD. An official business plan is currently being put together. Contact me.

seeking venture capital for mortgage loan and credit internet technologyseeking venture capital for:
mortgage loan and credit
internet technology and solution

"Without exaggeration, if this proposed technology were out on the market three and a half years ago, the financial industry would have had a technology to properly pair consumer credit with mortgage loans and other lending."
Purpose: To aid consumers and businesses with the mortgage loan and financial industry crisis.
Market: Any U.S. resident or business that utilizes credit to start. From there, could be configured to operate in any nation that works on a system of credit and loans across the planet.
Timing: The mortgage industry has yet to introduce a technology that accomplishes what I am proposing. The reasons why such a technology has not been created yet is known but will be explained later... Bottom line, as the backbone of the internet continues to grow and broadband access becomes available to all, this internet technological model will become more than viable, it will set a standard for a failing industry.
Revenue: Multiple streams and sources. High customer return. Revenue model may even be residual. Advertising revenues from necessary achieved network traffic a bonus. Potential category killer. Can even be seeded to earn profits from its inception.

seeking venture capital for hd audio internet technologyseeking venture capital for:
HD audio hardware with
internet technology and solution

"As a music enthusiast, I can honestly say that there has yet to be a device or service on the market that offers what I am proposing."
Purpose: To provide an unparalleled high definition audio device and service to both the music industry and the public.
Market: Music enthusiasts and music professionals worldwide. A higher price tag will attract a niche of customers at first, but providing a tiered pricing structure could increase the customer base to include ANY music listener who feels disappointed with the engineering and service provided by the current leading internet music services and their available audio hardware.
Timing: Aside from the fact that the internet backbone is primed for the hardware and internet technology I am proposing, the current internet music services all have flaws. Some were not efficiently engineered properly from the start, others either don't offer the quality I am proposing or are based on a model that is not easily scalable. Constructing this technology now would offer viability through this economic downturn, then when the economy makes a turnaround our hardware and service could possibly become dominant in this still fledging internet music industry.
Revenue: Multiple streams and sources. Definite customer return for the niche market. Profits from sales and subscriptions. Also, a complementary music industry business model could yield residual revenues for both the company and its users.

seeking venture capital for custom ecommerce internet technologiesseeking venture capital for:
small to medium size business
custom ecommerce automation

"Though I am all for the establishment of a large corporation that provides our economy with jobs and stockholders with dividends, small business is a backbone for our country's economy. Knowing the internet as I do, the window may be diminishing for small to medium size businesses to compete and survive in a new internet based economy. This proposed internet technology will help unify the internet as well as give small to medium size businesses a competitive edge to their corporate counterparts."
Purpose: To provide small to medium size businesses with simple cost effective tools to survive and be viable in a new internet based economy.
Market: Small to medium businesses that utilize a computer and wish to grow and compete using the internet.
Timing: Government approval for use of whitespace for broadband internet makes the expansion of both desktop and mobile internet use inevitable. Most small businesses either don't have a great internet presence and/or do not utilize the internet to its fullest capability. Now is the time to help this sector of our economy cost effectively create the necessary internet based infrastructure for now and their future.
Revenue: Multiple streams and sources. Could operate in part on a residual revenue model. Primary revenue from software sales, industry specific ecommerce implementations, and service consulting.

seeking venture capital for internet cross standard internet technologyseeking venture capital for:
internet cross standard
internet technology contribution

"DTDs are still being designed and implemented to help give structure to the internet. This proposed internet technology will help unify and stabilize these emerging standards for each industry utilizing the internet."
Purpose: To provide a means and technology for making the emerging standards of the internet seamless.
Market: Industry leaders setting standards for internet transactions. Use by every business seeking to ensure a proper implementation of these standards within their own ecommerce model.
Timing: Many industries have hit milestones with regard to setting standards for their data on the internet. Now would be an ideal time to begin the construction of this internet technology as we would be in position to be a source, and possibly even an authority, for such a foreseen necessary internet technology.
Revenue: Marginal per industry. Seek contributions and ad revenue.

seeking venture capital for internet video and music productionsseeking venture capital for:
HD TV, video, and music
internet based productions

"The integration of television and the internet is inevitable. This proposed internet technology and it's accompanying media productions will draw traffic and help set another precedent for the industry."
Purpose: To help set a standard for HD television, video, and music internet based productions.
Market: The entire media watching and listening public. Television and music producers interested in utilizing the internet for basing their productions all or in part.
Timing: With bandwidth no longer being an issue, and video compression becoming more efficient than ever before, HD media on the internet has gone mainstream. Network television budget cuts have been announced industry wide, yet society will still seek quality media to spend their time with. Pairing a traffic generating internet media technology with exceptional music talent and unique quality video productions will not only prove lucrative, but provide another means for securing exposure for other internet technologies and services to be developed here as well.
Revenue: With high viewer and listener return rates, advertising revenues are ensured. Also, a complementary business model could yield residual revenues for both the company and its users.

seeking venture capital for social media cohesion internet technologyseeking venture capital for:
social media internet
technology for business

"Social media marketing has become an industry niche that is not going away. With this proposed technology, businesses and social media marketers will be able to focus on one of the most important foundations of the internet - content is king."
Purpose: To provide an internet technology that enables efficient and effective social media marketing.
Market: Social media marketers, independent professionals, and businesses seeking to utilize social media to promote their talent, service, or product.
Timing: Social media is here to stay. Along with the time saved for this technology's users, implementing this internet technology could potentially utilize a social media website's server resources more responsibly and efficiently.
Revenue: Since there is not such a technology on the market yet, sales are ensured. Advertising could generate a complementary revenue. The tool itself would prove to be an asset.

seeking venture capital for internet information security technologyseeking venture capital for:
internet information security
technology and solution

"Both identity theft and internet security are problems. This proposed internet technology not only tackles both, but will increase cost efficiency to this internet development venture as well."
Purpose: To provide the internet with a third party verification source. To increase the cost efficiency of this internet development venture by providing a product it uses itself.
Market: Will include ecommerce developers to start. The concept itself could potentially encompass a vast majority of internet users worldwide.
Timing: The benefit it will bring this venture on its own makes it nearly essential. The concept accompanying it has a huge market potential due to the exponential increase in internet fraud.
Revenue: Multiple streams. Potential for residual revenue and long term internet contracts likely. Accompanying concept could potentially provide revenue streams from a market share of internet users.

seeking venture capital for search engine engineered internet developmentseeking venture capital for:
search engine engineered
web development production

"I want to help set a new standard for internet development."
Purpose: To provide artistically crafted search engine engineered internet development.
Market: Seekers of beautiful high end cost efficient performance based internet development.
Timing: Web 3.0 is just around the corner. Since we will be concentrating on innovating industries on the internet, providing cutting edge Web 2.0 solutions on short timelines will prove as more than a lucrative model.
Revenue: Sales and consulting. Quick and easy return on investment.

seeking venture capital for web 3.0 internet solutionsseeking venture capital for:
web 3.0 internet solutions

"These proposed internet technologies will form a sort of layer over the current infrastructure of the internet."
Purpose: Utilize the internet and its content in unprecedented ways.
Market: Everyone.
Timing: Tomorrow.
Revenue: Almost limitless.
seeking venture capitalseeking venture capitalseeking venture capitalseeking venture capitalseeking venture capital
seeking venture capital - web master
Ten years ago there was not a university or college for the internet I know, and there is still not a curriculum I have seen to this day that covers every aspect of the internet as I see it. I have read almost every authoritative resource for internet languages, have close to ten years of experience programming internet solutions and designing websites and web pages, and more relevantly, clearly understand the future of the internet and how web 3.0 will be defined. I am at the point now where I can literally see internet solutions from end to end. I can read any code, understand any server or network configuration, and with ease can take any single webpage, place it within the data exchange process, and tell you how it may be affecting a website's ranking and/or performance. If I were to put my time into it, I can literally trace any email, any site visit, any chat, or any IP phone call to its source. I can literally determine the exact path of carriers throughout the whole world of the internet and/or tell you which wireless device broadcasted a signal and how. When I look at images of the earth, I literally see the web overlay that wraps it, and do so without any type of reference. I understand every internet language, every internet technology, and every computer/smartphone well enough to detail the limitless possibilities of the internet and the direction of the internet's future. In a nutshell, a user clicks through program or browser, computer converts request through OSI model, data transfer occurs across the tier one carriers of the internet, data is received at a datacenter, routed to the appropriate server out of a cluster, room, rack, or other configuration, back up the OSI model, query is processed by server, then a data response is sent back through the same process. This entire process encompasses all the configurations of data types that are exchanged through this data transfer. The best sites manage to efficiently pass this data back and forth while considering how the end user will engage the information/media and utilize it. Though the model of Microsoft will always be viable in powering platform dependent applications and technologies, this internet logic is what yields power to Google. In Google I trust, I have yet to be disappointed with my results utilizing their technologies, and such utilization for me has barely begun. Their innovations take the general knowledge and applications of the internet and make them easily accessible to the public. This allows for me to do what I do best, generate industry specific innovations that utilize the internet in ways never before seen. I KNOW THE FOLLOWING WELL ENOUGH TO DESIGN COMPLETE COMPLEX SCHEMATICS AND ALGORITHMS FOR IMPLEMENTING EVERY SINGLE INTERNET INNOVATION I HAVE TO OFFER: 3DS Max Limitations and Requirements, 700mhz-2500mhz, A+, ActionScript, Adobe Applications, AJAX, AMFPHP, Android, Apache, Apple, ASP, ASP.NET, BSD, C/C++, CFML, ColdFusion, Color, Content Generation and Development, CSS, DMCA, Digital Video, DOM, DTD, ExtendScript, Flash, Flex, FTP, Google Applications, Google Search, GPS, Graphic Design, HD Broadcasting, HTML, HTTP, Intel, Internet Security, IIS, iPhone, IP Telephony, Java, JavaScript, Linux, LSI/LSA, Microsoft, MSSQL, MySQL, Network Administration, Networking, OC192, OO Programming, OSI Model, PCI Compliance, PDF, PERL/CGI, PHP, Powerline, PSD, RSS, Search Engine Engineering, SEM/PPC, SEO, SMS, SMTP, SOAP, SQL, SSH, SSL, SWF, TCP/IP, Tier One Networks, WiFi, Windows Security, WSDL, XHTML, XML, XML Schema, XSL/XSLT, and even more... I HAVE MORE THAN JUST SEVERAL GREAT IDEAS, I HAVE COMPLETE PLANS AND COMPLEX SCHEMATICS.

seeking venture capital - jason nadaf
I will try to make the point of who I am here once. My name is Jason Nadaf, I am 28 years old, I am an Internet Developer, and I am seeking venture capital. I can take them apart, tell you what each part does, then put them back together... with my eyes closed. I am referring to computers, and with over fifteen years of experience, I am an expert internet professional who understands every single aspect of the internet - I know internet science - as of today I can prove it. For the past three and a half years I have completely dedicated myself to researching and developing several internet innovations that have yet to be present on the market. I have spent almost ALL my time researching and developing through reverse engineering, troubleshooting and debugging, creating small #1 ranking websites and pages, studying patents and whitepapers, following the wires of the internet, learning the internet's infrastructure, visiting tier one datacenters, reading many internet language bibles, studying organic search engine marketing and engineering, programming internet solutions and web applications, designing web schematics and algorithms, studying computer science and high level mathematics, building and repairing computers, studying internet branding and web marketing, researching wireless digital signal broadcasting, and learning all the correlations between all the variables that make up the endless possibilities of how the internet can innovate society and the world. I can develop a relevant cutting edge internet solution for any industry. Interesting enough, I have yet to see a single concept that parallels what I came up with three years ago (though there are some amazing things out there and developing), and what I have ready to create for the world now will contribute to the inevitable future of the internet.

I am seeking venture capital to seed an internet technology startup.

thank you for your time |

Seeking Venture Capital Series A Funding